Preserve Gold Lawsuits, Reviews and Complaints 2024

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Before we get started with this review, I would like to warn you guys about the latest gold IRA scams going around in the market right now. Multiple companies have been taken down by the authorities for being scams.

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Preserve Gold Lawsuit: All You Need to Know

Preserve Gold has not been involved in any lawsuits as either a plaintiff or defendant at now.

I have verified this information by thoroughly examining all prominent lawsuit-aggregation websites, and I have not seen any evidence of a lawsuit being filed against this esteemed precious metals IRA firm.

Best Gold IRA Companies of 2024:

1) Augusta Precious Metals (Best For Investments Over $50,000):

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA provider renowned for its commitment to education and first-rate customer support. Reliability and responsiveness have been hallmarks of Augusta Precious Metals, which has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau since 2012. Customers routinely rate Augusta with five stars on Trustpilot, complimenting their friendly advisors who walk investors through every stage of the procedure.

One of Augusta’s standout features is its competitive all-in pricing with no hidden fees. This transparency sets them apart from other gold IRA providers. They also provide a complimentary Gold IRA guide to help investors diversify their portfolios confidently.

Here’s an overview of Augusta Precious Metals’ ratings:

  • BBB: A+ rating with 109 reviews
  • TrustLink: 5/5 stars with 283 reviews
  • BCA: AAA rating with 95 reviews
  • Google Reviews: 4.9/5 stars with 294 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: 4.9/5 stars with 129 reviews

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2) GoldenCrest Metals(Best For Beginners):

GoldenCrest, which will launch in early 2024, aspires to establish a new benchmark for integrity and trust in an industry that has recently been plagued by scandal. The company’s pricing clarity and completely non-pushy sales approach have already resulted in the acquisition of a considerable number of new clients in a very competitive field.

GoldenCrest, which specializes in gold retirement, is committed to assisting customers in developing retirement portfolios that are safeguarded against the risks of an unstable global financial system. They also provide a variety of diversification and market-hedging products.

Get their free educational Gold IRA Guide.

3) Birch Gold Group (Diverse Selection):

A comprehensive provider of precious metals, Birch Gold Group provides a large selection of products made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They are also experts in assisting customers with setting up gold individual retirement accounts.

4) JM Bullion (Individual Coins & Bars):

If investors are searching for a more affordable pricing on precious metals, JM Bullion is an excellent choice. They also provide a large selection of items.

5) Lear Capital (Detailed Testimonials):

For those who are new to investing in precious metals, Lear Capital is a wonderful option. They promise that using their goods and services will not result in any risks.

Why is There No Preserve Gold Lawsuit?

There are many reasons why Preserve Gold is not involved in any legal disputes. Here are some of them:

1. Trustworthy Reputation: Preserve Gold has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy and reputable precious metals dealer, earning the trust and confidence of numerous clients.

2. Deep Expertise: The company is known for its deep expertise in the field of precious metals. Their team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights to clients seeking to invest in gold and silver.

3. Exceptional Customer Service: Preserve Gold places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. They offer personalized consultations and support, ensuring that clients receive tailored guidance and feel confident in their investment decisions.

4. Educational Resources: The company is committed to educating its clients. Preserve Gold provides a wealth of educational resources, including informative articles, market insights, and tutorials, empowering investors to make well-informed choices.

5. Transparent Pricing: The company maintains transparency in its pricing and fees, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their investments. This commitment to transparency fosters trust and confidence.

6. Secure Storage Solutions: Preserve Gold offers secure storage options for clients who prefer not to store their precious metals at home. Their dedication to safety and security ensures the protection of clients’ assets.

7. Diversified Investment Options: In addition to gold and silver, Preserve Gold provides opportunities for clients to invest in other precious metals like platinum and palladium, offering further diversification options.

8. Global Recognition: Preserve Gold is recognized and respected globally as a trusted source for precious metals investments. Their reputation extends beyond national borders, adding to their credibility.

Preserve Gold products

9. Retirement Savings Preservation: Preserve Gold excels in helping clients preserve the value of their retirement savings. This is particularly vital for retirees or individuals nearing retirement who aim to secure their financial future.

10. No High-Pressure Sales: Clients appreciate that Preserve Gold does not employ high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, they focus on providing information and guidance, allowing clients to make well-informed investment decisions at their own pace.

11. Trustworthiness and Reliability: The company has established a strong reputation for trustworthiness and reliability in the precious metals industry. Many clients have had positive experiences and felt secure in their investment journey with Preserve Gold.

12. Recognition and Awards: Preserve Gold has received industry awards and recognition, underscoring its dedication to delivering high-quality services and exceptional customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Preserve Gold’s commitment to expertise, customer service, transparency, education, and security has positioned it as a trusted partner for individuals seeking to invest in physical precious metals as part of its financial strategy. These qualities contribute to their positive reputation in the industry.

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Preserve Gold Complaints and Reviews:

There aren’t any Preserve Gold complaints available online. The company is relatively new and has received a lot of positive reviews from its happy customers.

Here are some of them.

Preserve Gold complaints and reviews example

In the review above the reviewer says that they sought out Preserve Gold and made contact with one of their representatives. The user wanted to purchase a few gold coins to physically have for their own.

Celeb seemed very enthusiastic when they received the call and they started discussing the various options that the user didn’t know they had regarding gold investing.

He gave the assurance that his company was capable of fulfilling the request, which he indeed did. Additionally, he asked about the individual’s current portfolio. He informed him that he had a TSP plan with Postoffice and that he was currently employed.

Celeb proceeded to inform the user that the TSP plan allowed for up to a 50% withdrawal, encouraging them to invest in plans similar to what his company offered.

Given the uncertainties of the stock market at the time, gold seemed to be the only option for ensuring a safe and stable future in the user’s perspective. Celeb demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and earned the user’s trust, making them a valuable addition to their future financial planning for their retirement years.

Preserve Gold complaints and reviews example 2

Here, the reviewer says that they had their first experience in purchasing precious metals. They had a limited understanding of the process and how to convert, with only a basic knowledge.

Daniel took his time in explaining, ensuring that everyone understood. He would be recommended by the user and his company would be recommended to anyone who wanted to protect their money with precious metals. They were not high-end buyers, but he treated them as if they were highly valuable customers. They could call him anytime and if he wasn’t available or with another client, he always got back to them the same day.

The user couldn’t help but highly recommend both Daniel and Preserve Gold.

The user felt a strong sense of trust in their gold and silver, as if it belonged to them. To anyone who was considering switching their currency to precious metals, the one thing they should have done was not wait! Preserve Gold, Daniel, and Caleb were thanked by the user.

Here’s one final Preserve Gold review to help you get an idea of what their clients say:

Preserve Gold complaints and reviews example 3

Preserve Gold received a 5-star rating from the user. The knowledge provided by the representative proved to be crucial for their success. The representative skillfully ensured that the client never felt inadequate, setting a standard that all precious metal firms should strive to achieve with their clients. The user felt very well informed and confident about their investment, particularly since they were new to the process. If the user came across this review, it would have served as a sign for them to pursue business with Preserve.

The reviewer had contacted 5 different companies and each call had ended with them feeling lost and even more confused. The user was excited to begin protecting their wealth with a firm that they believed truly had their best interest at heart. Ms. ** was appreciated for her professionalism, care, and patience. The user mentioned that they would refer all of their friends and family to this company.

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Preserve Gold Lawsuits, Complaints and Review Summary 2024

I hope you found this guide on Preserve Gold lawsuit and complaints helpful.

By the way, if you have over $100k in your IRA, this company will give you a free gold coin of your choice. 

If you have less than $50k in your IRA, I personally recommend you work with Preserve Gold, they are also offering free precious metals worth $25k with qualified purchases.

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