Augusta Precious Metals Lawsuit: All You Need to Know

Augusta Precious Metals is a respected name in the world of gold IRA services, renowned for its ethical practices and top-notch customer service.

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With consecutive ‘Best Overall Gold IRA Company’ awards from Money magazine and recognition from Investopedia for transparent pricing, Augusta has solidified its position as a trustworthy player in the industry. 

Boasting an A+ BBB rating, an AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance, and over 1,000 five-star reviews, Augusta prioritizes customer education and satisfaction.

However, amidst its stellar reputation, questions linger: does Augusta have a clean legal record, or are there lawsuits? In this article, we delve into Augusta Precious Metals’ legal standing, aiming to uncover any legal challenges and assess its commitment to transparency and reliability.

Current Augusta Precious Metals Lawsuit Status

When selecting an investment partner, understanding their legal standing is crucial. Luckily, Augusta Precious Metals, a reputable dealer of gold and silver coins, has encountered few legal challenges, most of which have been resolved or dismissed. This indicates a solid legal position and a commitment to resolving any disputes.

Augusta Precious Metals homepage

As of now, Augusta Precious Metals is not involved in any ongoing lawsuits, and there are no pending legal claims against the company. This means that when you invest with Augusta, you’re partnering with a company free from the legal complications often seen in the financial industry.

While some IRA firms might be caught up in legal battles, Augusta Precious Metals remains dedicated to offering consistent support to its clients throughout their investment journey. 

Their commitment to transparent and reliable service makes them a dependable choice for anyone looking to safeguard their financial future with precious metals.

However, it’s worth noting that there have been two past lawsuits associated with the company. Let’s delve deeper into this in the next section.

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All Augusta Precious Metal Lawsuits

After conducting thorough research on Augusta Precious Metals lawsuit, we’ve uncovered the following legal cases. These lawsuits shed light on the occasional legal challenges that can arise in the precious metals industry. 

Despite these instances, Augusta’ commitment to addressing legal matters demonstrates their dedication to maintaining integrity in their business operations. 

Lawsuit 1: The Case of Richard Wuest vs. Augusta Precious Metals

Legal disputes in the precious metals industry can arise from time to time, and one such case involved Richard Wuest filing a lawsuit against Augusta Precious Metals. 

This particular lawsuit was categorized as a Contract – Business dispute, revolving around an alleged violation or failure to adhere to the terms of an agreement.

Augusta Precious Metals lawsuit 1

On 05/29/2018 Richard Wuest filed a Contract – Business lawsuit against Augusta Precious Metals. This case was filed in Sacramento County Superior Courts, Gordon D Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse located in Sacramento, California. The case status is Not Classified By Court.

Despite the specific details of the agreement remaining undisclosed, it’s reassuring to note that such disputes are infrequent in Augusta’s business dealings.

Even though the final outcome of this case isn’t publicly available, it’s noteworthy that Augusta Precious Metals demonstrates a commitment to integrity by addressing legal matters when necessary. 

As an investor, this provides assurance that you’re engaging with a trustworthy company.

Lawsuit 2:  Augusta Precious Metals vs. Red Rock Secured LLC

Augusta Precious Metals filed a lawsuit against Red Rock Secured LLC on March 30, 2017. 

The case was about accusations of Red Rock Secured soliciting investors through false and misleading statements, encouraging them to sell securities in their retirement accounts to invest in gold or silver. 

The case was dismissed later on, but the specific reasons for dismissal were not disclosed.

Another legal case worth noting is the lawsuit Augusta Precious Metals filed against Red Rock Secured LLC. This case was officially filed on March 30, 2017. 

Augusta Precious Metals accused Red Rock Secured of misleading investors with false statements, pushing them to swap securities in retirement accounts for gold or silver investments. 

This case underscores the importance of regulatory oversight, such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, in monitoring the precious metals market.

Although the case was eventually dismissed, the exact reasons for dismissal were not disclosed. However, what’s clear is Augusta Precious Metals’ capability to handle legal disputes and find resolutions, which reinforces their strong legal position.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints 

Augusta Precious Metals has a clean record with no customer complaints. Through extensive research of numerous online reviews, it’s clear that Augusta Precious Metals is a reputable and trustworthy company.

With a decade of experience in the competitive bullion industry, Augusta has established itself as a provider of exceptional customer service.

The company’s compliance department operates independently, ensuring Augusta always acts in the best interests of its clients and strictly adheres to industry regulations.

Reviews consistently praise Augusta Precious Metals for its dedicated customer support, highlighting the professionalism displayed by the team.

Particularly noteworthy is the positive feedback regarding Mr. Steele’s contributions.

His extensive collection of helpful videos and one-on-one conferences have played a significant role in assisting customers, providing clarity, and deepening their understanding of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and precious metal investments.

Additionally, Augusta Precious Metals has been commended for its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Remarkably, the company has not received any complaints from customers, further solidifying its reputation as an excellent choice in the precious metals industry.

About Augusta Precious Metals 

Augusta Precious Metals, established by Isaac Nuriani in 2012, stands out as the most reliable gold IRA company in the United States. Renowned for its honesty and dependability, Augusta has become a pinnacle of success in the precious metals IRA sector. The company offers individuals the opportunity to invest in gold and silver through its gold and silver IRA services.

When you open a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals, you receive personalized assistance from a representative throughout the process, from account setup to ongoing support. Augusta covers the cost of shipping fees and liability insurance until your precious metals are safely delivered to the storage location.

Augusta Precious Metals offers a variety of gold and silver coins approved for IRAs, including American Eagles, American Eagle Proofs, Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Canadian Eagles, American Buffaloes, Australian Striped Marlins, Canadian Silver Soaring Eagles, Canadian Silver Eagles with Nests, American Silver Eagles, and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.

In addition to its gold and silver IRA services, Augusta Precious Metals is committed to education and transparency. The company provides opportunities for the public to attend webinars led by economists trained at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, offering valuable insights into investing in precious metals. 

Augusta also offers educational resources in the form of informative videos, such as “10 Big Gold Dealer Lies” and “15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold”, to help customers make informed decisions.

With Augusta Precious Metals, investors can trust in a company that prioritizes integrity, customer service, and education, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to secure their financial future through precious metal investments.

Pros and Cons of Augusta Precious Metals 


1. Comprehensive Online Educational Content: Augusta Precious Metals provides a wealth of educational resources, including one-on-one web sessions and video content on their website. These resources cover topics such as the benefits of investing in precious metals, navigating risks in retirement, and the impact of current events on investments.

2. Account Lifetime Customer Support: Once you become a customer, Augusta Precious Metals offers lifetime customer support. You’ll have access to a dedicated customer success agent who can address your questions and concerns via phone or email.

3. Strong Guarantees: Augusta Precious Metals stands behind its products with a buyback guarantee and a seven-day money-back guarantee. This ensures customers receive quality products and have the option to liquidate their investments if needed.


1. High Minimum Investment: Augusta Precious Metals requires a minimum investment of $50,000 to start a gold IRA, which may be prohibitive for some investors. This minimum investment amount is higher compared to other firms in the industry, potentially limiting accessibility for smaller investors.

The Final Verdict on Augusta Precious Metals Lawsuit

After a thorough examination of Augusta Precious Metals’ legal standing and history of lawsuits, it is evident that the company maintains a solid legal position and a commitment to transparency and reliability. 

While there have been two past lawsuits associated with Augusta Precious Metals, both cases were eventually dismissed, demonstrating the company’s capability to handle legal disputes effectively. Additionally, Augusta has not faced any ongoing lawsuits or pending legal claims at present.

Despite the occasional legal challenges, Augusta Precious Metals’ dedication to addressing legal matters and maintaining integrity in its business operations is commendable. 

Moreover, the absence of customer complaints further solidifies the company’s reputation as a trustworthy player in the precious metals industry.

Therefore, based on the available information and analysis, the final verdict is that Augusta Precious Metals is a legitimate and reputable company, offering reliable gold IRA services and prioritizing customer satisfaction. 

Investors can trust Augusta Precious Metals as a dependable partner in securing their financial future through precious metal investments.

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